Share Size

The size of a share varies by season and growing conditions. Inhospitable weather, insect pressure, and other factors can affect vegetable availability and quantity. Share sizes may seem small during the early weeks of the season when wet fields may delay planting or cold weather kill or reduce the productivity of early crops. (Click here to view the reciprocal commitments made by Happytown Farm and expected of its USA customers.) With these qualifications in mind, you can expect to see some of the following vegetables in your share during each of the three divisions of the growing season:

Early Season Mid-season Late Season
Arugula Basil Carrots
Cilantro Beans Garlic
Dill Beets Kale
Garlic scapes Broccoli/ Cauliflower Leeks
Mesclun (Baby lettuce mix) Cucumbers Onions
Mustard greens Eggplant Potatoes
  Head lettuce Watermelon
Melons Winter squash
Peppers (Green and colored)  
Shell peas  
Summer squash  
Sweet corn  
Swiss Chard