Share Options

We offer a variety of vegetable and flower shares. Vegetable shares come in two sizes, quantities varying according to growing conditions. We find that in typical years the larger size is sufficient for about four people, while the smaller size is right for two. Share types, size, season length, and cost for 2015 are shown below.

Vegetable Shares Size No. of Weeks Cost
Super Veggie Lovers 4+ people 18 $450
Veggie Lovers 4+ people 16 $400
Height of the Season 4+ people 10 $260
Super Mini 2+ people 18 $280
Not-So-Mini 2+ people 16 $250
Mini 2+ people 10 $165
Flower Shares Size No. of Weeks Cost
Bouquet Lovers 1 bouquet/week 16 $115
Mini Bouquet 1 bouquet/week 10 $80

Start and end dates for each share season are as follows:

18 week share: June 23 – Oct. 20
16 week share: June 23 – Oct. 6
10 week share: July 7 – Sept. 8

To get an idea what a share might look like during each growing season, see Share Size.

You can pay for your share by working at the farm. See Work Shares.

To sign up for a share for 2015, click here.