Happytown Farm

The vegetables and cut flowers made available to the Union Supported Agriculture (USA) program are provided by Happytown Farm, a diversified, MOFGA-certified organic farm nestled in the hills of North Orland. Happytown has been Food AND Medicine’s “community-supported” farm since 2004. The farm maintains 4 acres of vegetable gardens and cut flowers, raises sheep, pigs, and poultry, supports a sustainable woodlot, and does some small-scale sugaring. Owners Paul and Karen Volckhausen are committed to ecologically friendly farming practices and preserve strong relationships with rural communities in El Salvador. You can contact them at pkvolckhausen@escrap.com or 667-9212.

Happytown makes the following commitment to its USA customers:

  • To supply a variety of fresh, healthy vegetables throughout the season
  • To prioritize our CSAs to the best of our ability if weather, insects, etc. are affecting the harvest
  • To listen carefully to and respond to any concerns you may have

Happytown, in turn, expects its customers to make the following commitment:

  • To pick up your share each week as scheduled unless you make other arrangements with us
  • To talk to us if there are any problems or concerns
  • To understand that you have bought a share of the farm for the season, which means sharing the bounty as well as the risk of conditions we cannot control that might affect the harvest
  • To have patience if there is a slow start to the season with less in your share than you expected. It will get better.

Happytown publishes a weekly newsletter during the summer, starting in late June. To view, click here.