Solidarity Harvest 2018

October 15, 2018

Solidarity Harvest is a year-round effort for Food AND Medicine. We’re in the home stretch now for our 16th year. We plan on distributing at least 1,300 locally-sourced Thanksgiving meal baskets again this year!

Each meal basket contains over 27 lbs of locally grown produce from smaller Maine farms – most of the food in these meal baskets is purchased, not donated!  Each meal basket costs roughly $40 and with a goal of 1,300 baskets again this year, that adds up to $52,000. You can help with a donation to Sponsor a Meal online, or mail a check to (payable to) Food AND Medicine, 20 Ivers Street, Brewer, Maine 04412. Solidarity Harvest donations are entirely for the produce and supplies for the project, not staff time or overhead for the organization.

During Sort Week, November 13-20, hundreds of volunteers come to our office in Brewer to help sort produce and assemble the meal baskets, including individuals, school groups, teams, clubs, faith groups, fraternities – you name it. Your group can join in the fun and community of Sort Week. It’s very helpful to sign up in advance – call Adam at 207-989-5830 or email


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