Concert Pictures and Sponsor A Meal

November 5, 2017

Solidarity Harvest, that’s what last night was about. To Sponsor a Meal, click here. 

We want to thank everyone who came to the Brewer Performing Arts Center Saturday night for the Noel Paul Stookey Solidarity Harvest Benefit Concert. Mr. Stookey put on a fabulous show! We listened, we sang along, we laughed, and we applauded at the legend standing before us. We also thought about some serious issues facing both the country and Maine, and we also talked about Solidarity Harvest.

Thank you to Jeff Kirlin, The Thing of the Moment, for donating his time and talent taking so many great photos of the event and the meet & greet. The photo album can be found on our Facebook page; you’re welcome to copy, save and share.

To volunteer during “Sort Week” to assemble the Solidarity Harvest meal baskets, call Adam at 207-989-5830 or email


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