Weekly Congressional Office Visits WORK!

June 20, 2017

We’ve been organizing weekly visits to our Congressional delegation’s Bangor offices since January. A group of between 5-20 constituents meet on Tuesday mornings at 11:45 outside the Margaret Chase Smith federal building on Harlow Street to coordinate messaging. Check our Facebook page each Monday for information about topics and any changes to timing.

We have a standing meeting with Senator Collins’ staff and discuss one or two topics. Notes from our meetings are given to the Senator, and due to our persistence and rapport with staff, we were invited to have a private meeting with Senator Collins over the April break. In this meeting, 8 constituents presented issues to the Senator, and she replied to each. We also asked her to co-sponsor an important childcare bill that was introduced by Senator King, but his office was unable to gain her support. After listening to our Organizer’s personal story related to childcare, Senator Collins looked more closely at the bill and agreed to co-sponsor!

After Collins’ office, we visit Senator King’s office. We have weekly meetings with his staff, one week met with his wife, and were also invited to a private meeting with Senator King in May.

Most weeks we also walk over to Representative Poliquin’s office, which is in a different building. We have not (yet?) been granted a private meeting with Poliquin, but were able to obtain a meeting with him after another event in Brewer last month.

This week’s meeting is on Healthcare! The Senate vote could be next week, though no one is sure because no one outside the commitee has seen the bill. Any constituent is welcomed and encouraged to join us for these meetings.

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