14th Annual Solidarity Harvest

November 9, 2016

Thanksgiving is right around the corner, which means Solidarity Harvest is here again! We have increased our meal basket target this year from the 1,200 we did last year, to 1,300 – the sad reality is that the need is so great that we had to stop at what our capabilities are.

Solidarity is a word that we purposely chose to name the project, because this is an act of SOLIDARITY, not charity! We are all in this together – when some of us struggle, we all struggle – and when we work together, we can all improve. See the Solidarity Harvest page for more of the history of this great program, of which we are very proud.


How can you get involved???

We are in need of volunteers during Sort Week! Please click here to sign up for a volunteer shift. From Tuesday 11/15 through Tuesday 11/22 here at the Solidarity Center in Brewer, we need people who can do anything from carry produce up from the basement to the staging floor, to weighing and bagging portions of vegetables, to cleaning up the hall during the whole process. We provide food during breaks and even though it’s hard work, it’s fun! We’ve got many people who come back every year to be part of this project, and some are past meal recipients who want to help. It’s a great way to involve kids too; there is something for every level of ability.

Sponsor a Meal! A great way to show your solidarity with laid off workers or other members of our community who may not otherwise be able to have a locally-sourced Thanksgiving meal is to sponsor one or more meals. Don’t know what to give someone who is impossible to shop for? Sponsor a Meal in their honor for $40. Each meal contains enough food to feed about 8 people – and not a can in sight. The retail value of the meal is over $75 for comparable quality food: over 28 lbs of fresh produce alone, then add the turkey, butter, cider and locally baked rolls and pumpkin bread.

Help spread the word! Share this page or our posts on social media. Use #SolidarityHarvest for any posts, and tag Food AND Medicine!

This year, in addition to supporting Maine families, we are excited to be working with the United Automobile, Aerospace, and Agricultural Implement Workers of America (UAW) to bring a small number of meals to a group of union members in New York who have been locked out since May; for more information about their lock out, click here. This will be the first time that any Solidarity Harvest meals will go to union workers outside of Maine, and we are proud to be able to support these workers. The Bath Marine Draftsmen Association – UAW Local 3999 are financially and logistically supporting this donation as an act of solidarity with their union brothers and sisters.

When our union brothers and sisters, and members of our community are facing tough times, the thought of finding resources and planning a Thanksgiving meal for their family is one thing that we are able to take off their plate, so to speak.

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